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At POA Support, we believe that the key to successful HOA property management is creating and maintaining a safe and beautiful environment for all residents. While homeowner associations help ensure that all properties in the development meet certain standards and that properties maintain their values. We strive to provide homeowners with the best possible community environment, one that enhances property values while applying best business practices to the administration of the community.

We tailor each contract to meet the specific needs and goals of the individual home owners association. Below are just some of the tasks and services we currently manage and provide for other HOAs.

  • Compilation and maintenance of all financial records for the POA, including the billing, receiving, and collection of all annual assessments;
  • Preparation of quarterly Income Statement and Balance Sheet;
  • Maintain and provide quarterly AP and AR reports;
  • Maintenance and reconciliation of all POA bank accounts connected with the management of the property;
  • Preparation of an annual Budget for the POA Board’s approval and implementation;
  • Coordination and supervision of all corporate, state and federal tax returns, including estimated deposits;
  • Processes payments for all vendors, including utilities and insurance premiums;
  • Coordination, billing, and collection for special work orders, including miscellaneous repairs, and snow removal;
  • Hiring, supervision, and processing of payments for any subcontractors as needed for miscellaneous repairs such as road maintenance, landscaping, signs, security, and/or utilities;
  • Assure proper licensing, inspections, and fees are in compliance with all POA,  federal, state, and/or county regulations and requirements;
  • Preparation of agendas and maintenance of minutes for all POA meetings;
  • Compliance with all 47F General Statute guidelines;
  • Recommendations for current and future maintenance schedules;
  • Enforcement of all POA  and ACC Rules and Regulations;
  • Maintenance of all correspondence between homeowners and the Association;
  • Performance of  a weekly onsite inspection of the property;
  • Performance of all general administrative functions of the POA;
  • Compliance with any and all agreed upon responsibilities assigned by the POA’s Board.

Visit our Services section for a complete listing of the services we offer.

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